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About Killian O' Leary

Killian is extremely passionate about Coaching and empowering others. He has been a practising Coach for a number of years now at this point and is relentless in his pursuit of helping others to realise their full potential.

He specialises in –

Executive Leadership, Career Coaching, Recruiter Coaching & Talent Management Coaching (for Corporate organisations).

Killian is vastly experienced at managing High-performing teams and has Coached many Senior Executives both through his Coaching business and in his previous role of ‘Senior Recruitment Manager’ at Irish Recruitment firm – ‘Berkley Group’. He is now focused 100% of his time to carrying out the role of ‘Chief Success Coach’ at ‘’

Killian’s Coaching strives to set people up for success in when it comes to Goal-setting. He is an advocate of the ‘Co-active Coaching’ model which sets out a culture of – Confidentiality, Trust, Empowerment, Honesty, Two-way engagement, Collaboration and Accountability.

Having graduated from UCC with an ‘Honours Degree in History & English’ and subsequently, a ‘Higher Diploma in Marketing’, Killian has built up over 15 years Professional experience delivering first-class service to clients & candidates within the ‘Financial Services’ & Recruitment sector. He is an excellent Relationship-builder, a skill which has helped him to build a strong brand as an empathetic and empowering Professional Coach.

Killian’s Coaching Qualifications include the following 

  • ‘Accredited Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching’.
  • ‘Component Certificate – ‘Advanced Leadership & Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics’.
  • ‘Certificate in Career Coaching’.
  • Component Certificate – ‘Coaching Models of Practice’.
  • ‘Black-belt in Internet Recruitment’ (Credential ID: 10012) – Awarded through ‘Social Talent

Killian is passionate about delivering a fit-for-purpose Career & Talent Attraction Coaching offering both to individuals and corporate clients.

Killian utilises his coaching skills to empower clients to realise their own goals and his re-assuring presence provides the environment for people to try new things again and again until success is achieved!

Killian is truly passionate about Coaching people and he places huge importance on key terms such as – Resilience, Empowerment, Flexibility, Empathy and Active Listening. His coaching style is to probe into clients potential by utilising his intuitive and curious nature to fully stretch his clients during coaching.

Killian is fully committed to life-long learning & completed an ‘Accredited Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching‘ & a “QQI Certification in – Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics” through the ‘Positive Success Group’. He found the practical Coaching practice element of these courses a key benefit of the courses and took a lot of learnings from them. Killian has already seen the benefit of undergoing these programmes in his subsequent Coaching interactions with clients.

Killian’s message to potential clients is very clear – “If you have a Goal and you are looking to make progress towards it, then that’s the first step. Building your awareness around your inner potential, values, tolerations and challenges can help bring about tangible change in your Career, Work environment, Personal life etc..”

The ‘Coaching process’ begins with  an initial ‘Chemistry Check‘ call, where we ascertain if ‘Progress Coaching’ can help you get to where you want to get to. Once there is a mutual agreement that we can add value, then we seek to put the Coaching agreement in place.

Conversely, if we feel that our ‘Service offering’ is not best placed to help you, then we will offer details of alternative Coaching services for you to consider!

Why Progress Coaching

Providing Executive and Leadership Coaching Services for individuals, teams and organisations who have specific goals they wish to reach!

QQI Certified

Killian is a ``QQI Certified in Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics`` and having recently graduated with an ``Accredited Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching`` he is fully qualified to help you gain real traction in pursuit of your Goals!

Powerful Questions

once the end-goal has been established with a client, Killian will seek to ask 'powerful questions' in order to really probe the potential within a client and then build the clients awareness around such inner potential. It is this potential which will ultimately help each client realise their goals themselves.

Active Listening

Throughout his career, Killian has seen how 'Active listening' - (listening at a heightened level at all times) can really help build trust and ultimately, strong relationships with clients. He employs other key coaching skills such as the 'Mirroring Technique' which helps clients to feel at ease, which in turn increases the likelihood of a two-way engagement occurring in the coaching session.

Experienced Career

Killian has built up a successful career in the Recruitment industry through sheer Resilience and has changed people's lives either through securing new opportunities for candidates or through career-guidance techniques built up over a number of years. The coaching environment at 'Progress Coaching' is one that allows for lasting-change to take place, offering security and confidentiality which provides clients with the platform and flexibility to move from a fixed to a growth mind-set long-term.

Our Services

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Recruiter Coaching

Coaching Clients

‘Progress Coaching’ can help people from ALL backgrounds reach their goals. You may be an individual with a personal goal, you may be a graduate looking for your first job, an employee looking to gain promotion / new job, you might be returning to work after a long absence OR you may be a Manager / Company Director seeking to improve your own performance or that of your team.

Coaching Style

Killian‘s approach is focused on developing a mutual trust-based partnership with his clients (following the ‘Co-active Coaching’ model) through asking probing and powerful questions which will stretch the potential within clients and ultimately help them realise that long-term transformative change in their behaviours resulting in successful outcomes across their Careers, Teams or Organisations.

He fully believes in the power of people’s potential and his approach is centred on supporting his clients to achieve their desired goals. He is specifically focused on helping clients to create a shift from a Fixed to a Growth mindset, helping them to build the necessary muscle and agility to navigate their way through this journey.


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