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Achieving your Goal is a click away!

Career Coaching – looking to make that leap of faith in 2020 :-)!!


Career Coaching – looking to make a real change in 2020?

If so, I’d be delighted to help!

Whether it be – A change of career, New more challenging job, Better interview technique A more impressive CV Profile that really elevates your brand etc.. 

I will go through the full Career-planning process with you, focusing on everything from –

– Putting together a Career Visibility Plan

– Personal Branding

– Career Motivators

– Career Values

– Career Success Banking

I will also go through a specific ‘Careers Needs, Wants & Wishes’ exercise with you in addition to asking you to complete a ‘Pre-session worksheet’ on defining what ‘Career-Success’ looks like for you. This will allow me to keep track on progress being made towards your end goal!

Given the plentiful Career opportunities in the current market, this could prove to be a great exercise for job-seekers looking for something new in their careers in the new year!

Start now and get pro-active about your career, take ownership and be ahead of the curve for 2020!

Further details – / 086-0279618