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How to construct an effective Cover Letter for Job Applications :-)

☀️Morning folks☀️

Right now it seems that Hiring Companies are again really focused on Cover letters accompanying job applications

Companies are experiencing an increase in applicants, so they’ll use these letters to refine their shortlist of selected candidates for interview

So, it’s worth spending quality time on constructing them!

Many candidates see the Cover letter as a ‘box-ticking’ exercise, something that just has to be done when applying for a job!

If you approach this part of your application in such a frame of mind, then the tone & content of your letter will reflect same

It’s then less likely that your letter will catch the attention of the Hiring Manager

Some key tips-

🔵Don’t be modest -market yourself!

Talk about your passions, give the reader a sense of your personality (what you would be like to work with etc..)

🔵Allocate sufficient time to complete the Cover letter. Don’t rush it

🔵Focus on your Value-adds specific to the role you are applying for – write a fresh Cover letter for Each Job!

🔵Go beyond your Resume – don’t just mirror what you have said in your CV,

Expand on your CV Bullet points

🔵Include the Hiring Managers name (if you know it) OR address it to the ‘Head of the department’ you know the role sits within

Craft a killer opening line👍