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Achieving your Goal is a click away!

“Job-seekers” – If you could post a brief Video it would do a lot for your Online Brand :-)

🔵Unfortunately lots of people have lost their Jobs recently & will continue to do so! One of the impacts this will have on the Jobs Market will be that it could swing back to being more “Employer-led”.

Therefore, Job-seekers will need to do more to grab the attention of prospective Employers. 🔵

For me if I was looking to make an impact and market myself I would utilise Video posts as much as possible!

With so much moving Online, there’s never been a better time to build your Online brand & make strong connections👍.

I’ve actually found that subconsciously I’ve built connections with people posting Videos since this lock down kicked in even though I’ve never even met with them in person 😁

💥In this Video, I talk about the ‘Video Elevator Pitch’ in a little more detail! 💥

Vlogs give a sense of –

Your Tone

Your Passion

Your Potential

Your Experience

Your Compatibility

Your Energy

Your Positivity

Your Sincerity

For feedback on your Vlog Or help in constructing it as well as advice on the content you should use etc, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or via email:

Have a nice weekend folks & stay safe 👍

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