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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

‘Progress Coaching’ provide an ‘Executive Leadership’ Coaching service which primarily focuses on ‘One-to-one’ workshops with Industry leaders. This can also be tailored to suit Leadership teams.

‘Research has shown that Leaders who embrace Coaching and are open to changing their behaviours & mindsets are better to work for and have less transition from their respective team unit. Such Leaders tend to be more open to feedback and are not afraid to embrace any vulnerabilities that may show up along the way. There is also clear evidence that such Leaders have an increasingly positive impact when it comes to Revenue bottom-line for companies.  Other benefits for the organisation (of offering such a Coaching mentorship to their Leadership teams) include – retention of Senior staff who in turn are aware of their teams skills and skills-gap placing them in a great position to offer appropriate training investment leading to a more empowered team member. Improved efficiency, productivity & morale are just some of the benefits of embracing such Coaching. After all, better Leaders make better decisions, have more high-performing teams and increase the value-add to the organisation overall. 

Today, as Leaders at all levels face increasingly difficult challenges in more complex ways than ever before, there is a marked increase of this use of a Coach. This Coaching engagement has become more embedded than ever in the long-term organisational strategy of that particular organisation. 

‘Leadership Coaching’ connects in very closely with both ‘Talent Retention’ & ‘Talent Attraction‘.The Leader has a huge role to play when it’s come to both.

For instance, on the subject of ‘Talent Attraction‘ when interviewing a prospective new employee the Leader may well be that first sense of what the organisations looks and feels like to them – first impressions are vital to make that positive impact on the candidate. How you as a Leader show up to an interview, what energy you give off and the research you put into the candidates background can either ensure you secure this talent or otherwise. Leaders should always be in ‘selling-mode’ at interview. Our coaching helps Leaders build their behaviours which set you up for success when it comes to On-boarding and ensuring a fantastic ‘Candidate Experience’.

Equally, when it comes to ‘Talent Retention‘, the Leader plays an integral role in what we like to the ‘Future-proofing of your People-infrastructure‘. For instance, if you envisage ‘Change’ happening on a large scale in your organisation, you need to be aware of potential impact on your current team. How do you plan for that for instance? Again, ‘Progress Coaching’ can help here.

Whether they are aware or not, all Leaders are now required to be key ‘Influencers’ as well. If you can’t influence as a Leader and get others to buy into your vision and travel on that journey with you then you will not deliver the programme of work you need to or make the changes required to drive your business forward etc…

Ultimately, ‘Leadership Coaching’ is about embracing the concept of objective feedback and trusting your Coach to provide a confidential & safe space where you can be honest and open in an effort to reach whatever goals you need to. Coaching is not an advisory service and the key Coaching skill is one of ‘Listening’. We tend to observe and listen and from what we hear we can point out potential blind-spots, strengths or gaps. The aim is to make you a more rounded and more aware leader – aware of both your potential and your limitations.

At “Progress Coaching”, we aim to deliver an effective Coaching interaction which empowers Industry Leaders to become more self-led in their developmental journey. 

Over the years, we have had lots of success in this area of Coaching by acting as the ‘Objective Accountability Partner’ where the client (Leader/Manager) needs to ‘show up’ / ‘be accountable’ to each Coaching session with an honesty and commitment that will best serve the Coaching process.

How it works – 

We work closely with CEO’S, MD’s & Senior Execs on the best way of choosing the appropriate measures that will best capture the Coaching results.

The process –

How feedback is to be provided to Senior Management re progress from the Coaching programme has to be agreed upon by all parties (at the outset) not just by the company but by all Leaders attending Coaching sessions. Unless Leaders feel 100% comfortable with this arrangement, then they will not fully embrace the process.

Ultimately, the Coach acts almost like a ‘Facilitator’ in a mutually collaborative alliance with either individual or groups of leaders within a company. The Coach works with the Leader(s) in a combined approach to reach desired end-goals or outcomes. 

“For all our Coaching programmes, we get full clarity on what ‘Success’ in the Coaching process looks like for all our clients.”

Effective ‘Leadership Coaching’ can be vital to an organisations long-term health, as Leaders play an integral role in the ever-challenging task of empowering and ultimately retaining talent.

Therefore, our Leadership Coaching focuses primarily on helping –


  • Leaders to embrace their ‘vulnerabilities’ by helping them to step outside the constraints of their own Leadership styles. 
  • Make Leaders feel more valued by their current employer, thereby allowing the client to shape their future ‘Road-mapping’ & ‘Succession-planning’ with the support of more empowered Leadership teams. This could also help to work as an ‘Executive Development’ tool. 
  • To provide Leaders with objective feedback on their performance and management style, which can help highlight ‘blind spots’ ensuring leadership performance is more rounded and positively impacted. 
  • Leaders to become more ‘Accountable’ and comfortable with accepting responsibility for their impact on other people’s performance.
  • To eliminate unhelpful Leadership behavioural patterns which positively impacts teams reporting into them. 
  • To increase charismatic behaviours amongst Leadership, increasing the prevalence of a Growth-mindset in Leadership teams.

Feel free to get in contact today to find out more! 

Why Progress Coaching

Providing Executive and Leadership Coaching Services for individuals, teams and organisations who have specific goals they wish to reach!

QQI Certified

Killian is a ``QQI Certified in Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics`` and having recently graduated with an ``Accredited Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching`` he is fully qualified to help you gain real traction in pursuit of your Goals!

Powerful Questions

once the end-goal has been established with a client, Killian will seek to ask 'powerful questions' in order to really probe the potential within a client and then build the clients awareness around such inner potential. It is this potential which will ultimately help each client realise their goals themselves.

Active Listening

Throughout his career, Killian has seen how 'Active listening' - (listening at a heightened level at all times) can really help build trust and ultimately, strong relationships with clients. He employs other key coaching skills such as the 'Mirroring Technique' which helps clients to feel at ease, which in turn increases the likelihood of a two-way engagement occurring in the coaching session.

Experienced Career

Killian has built up a successful career in the Recruitment industry through sheer Resilience and has changed people's lives either through securing new opportunities for candidates or through career-guidance techniques built up over a number of years. The coaching environment at 'Progress Coaching' is one that allows for lasting-change to take place, offering security and confidentiality which provides clients with the platform and flexibility to move from a fixed to a growth mind-set long-term.

Our Services

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Coaching Clients

‘Progress Coaching’ can help people from ALL backgrounds reach their goals. You may be an individual with a personal goal, you may be a graduate looking for your first job, an employee looking to gain promotion / new job, you might be returning to work after a long absence OR you may be a Manager / Company Director seeking to improve your own performance or that of your team.

Coaching Style

Killian‘s approach is focused on developing a mutual trust-based partnership with his clients (following the ‘Co-active Coaching’ model) through asking probing and powerful questions which will stretch the potential within clients and ultimately help them realise that long-term transformative change in their lives. Whilst Killian‘s Coaching style is designed to challenge, it is also supportive and empathetic.

He fully believes in the power of people’s potential and his approach is centred on supporting his clients to achieve their desired goals. He is specifically focused on helping clients to create a shift from a Fixed to a Growth mindset, helping them to build the necessary muscle and agility to navigate their way through this journey.


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