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Recruiter Coaching

Recruiter Coaching
Recruiter Coaching

Having managed and worked with Recruiters at all levels over the past ten years, we have seen at first hand what makes the ‘Great Recruiters Great’. The learning’s to be taken from observing so many different Recruiters and their approach over the years has been never ending!

We ourselves have a strong track record of Recruitment achievement, achieving consistent billings over the course of ten years, comprising of over 500 placements along the way. So we know a thing or two about building great pipelines, securing the best talent, client delivery and earning commission!

At ‘Progress Coaching’ we are delighted to bring this Coaching offering to the market. Through our ‘Recruitment Coaching’ offering we will look to transfer our knowledge to teams of Recruiters or individual Recruiters to help achieve the best possible pipeline and ultimately commission pay-cheques.

This offering is available to Recruitment Organisations / Recruitment Consultants AND ‘Internal Talent Acquisition’ professionals. Securing the best talent and the most consistent delivery when it comes to a Recruiters performance will form the basis of all our Coaching sessions. 

For Internal T/a at Hiring organisations, our Coaching will focus on – Reduced time to hire, Candidate experience & Company Brand preservation.

Our process is simple –

  • Observe
  • Feedback
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

We probe into the entire Recruitment life cycle and assess all processes. With ‘Internal T/a’ we observe relationships with Hiring Managers, ability to influence, internal SLA’s / Time-lines to Hire etc… 

Subsequent to the Coaching process, you should expect to see real improvements in these key areas of Recruitment. 

Coaching for Agency Recruiters – 

Our aim is to help you build better and more robust candidate pipelines and help you future-proof your client database through knowledge-transfer, role-plays, building awareness around blind-spots and generally up-skilling in key areas such as – Listening, Negotiation, Influencing, Resilience and Selling. 

Being an ‘Agency Recruiter’ is a unique and privileged position. You have the scope to influence both candidate and client, but you need to employ the right skills and behaviours consistently.

Our Recruiter Coaching offering focuses on –  

  • Building better relationships with your Hiring Managers
  • Maximising your role qualification calls with T/a or Hiring Managers 
  • Influencing clients to make quicker decision’s 
  • Your ability to ask the tough questions of both Client & Candidates
  • Controlling the interaction with Candidates
  • Effective Note-taking and Active-Listening
  • Search string optimisation
  • Job advert construction & Email outreach campaigns
  • Process Life-cycle consistency
  • Building better visibility on pipeline
  • Creating an awareness of a Recruiters strengths & blind-spots
  • Planning for Counter-offer
  • Future-proofing your desk
  • Pro-active versus Re-active recruitment

Coaching for Internal T/a – 

Internal Talent teams are a key link in the overall Hiring programme for an organisation. They liaise externally as the ‘Brand Ambassador’ for the company by engaging with prospective employees and Third Party partners (Recruitment agencies etc..). Consistency in their process and message to market is essential.

  • A key skill-set of the ‘Internal Talent’ professional is influencing and relationship-building . Their ability to find that balance between securing timely feedback from the Hiring Manager and keeping the Candidate invested in the Hiring process is what can set any Hiring process up for success.
  • Our ‘Internal T/a Coaching’ focuses on key areas such as –

Candidate Experience, Consistent Internal SLA’s re time-to-hire, Company Brand preservation,  Expectation Management,

Influencing skills, Relationship Management with 3rd Party providers (Agencies etc..)

  • Coaching success = Reduced Time-scale to Hire, Securing the Best available Talent, A fully engaged Hiring process which satisfactorily manages the expectations of all key Stakeholders, Fantastic Candidate Experience.


Why Progress Coaching

Providing Executive and Leadership Coaching Services for individuals, teams and organisations who have specific goals they wish to reach!

QQI Certified

Killian is a ``QQI Certified in Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics`` and having recently graduated with an ``Accredited Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching`` he is fully qualified to help you gain real traction in pursuit of your Goals!

Powerful Questions

once the end-goal has been established with a client, Killian will seek to ask 'powerful questions' in order to really probe the potential within a client and then build the clients awareness around such inner potential. It is this potential which will ultimately help each client realise their goals themselves.

Active Listening

Throughout his career, Killian has seen how 'Active listening' - (listening at a heightened level at all times) can really help build trust and ultimately, strong relationships with clients. He employs other key coaching skills such as the 'Mirroring Technique' which helps clients to feel at ease, which in turn increases the likelihood of a two-way engagement occurring in the coaching session.

Experienced Career

Killian has built up a successful career in the Recruitment industry through sheer Resilience and has changed people's lives either through securing new opportunities for candidates or through career-guidance techniques built up over a number of years. The coaching environment at 'Progress Coaching' is one that allows for lasting-change to take place, offering security and confidentiality which provides clients with the platform and flexibility to move from a fixed to a growth mind-set long-term.

Our Services

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Recruiter Coaching

Coaching Clients

‘Progress Coaching’ can help people from ALL backgrounds reach their goals. You may be an individual with a personal goal, you may be a graduate looking for your first job, an employee looking to gain promotion / new job, you might be returning to work after a long absence OR you may be a Manager / Company Director seeking to improve your own performance or that of your team.

Coaching Style

Killian‘s approach is focused on developing a mutual trust-based partnership with his clients (following the ‘Co-active Coaching’ model) through asking probing and powerful questions which will stretch the potential within clients and ultimately help them realise that long-term transformative change in their lives. Whilst Killian‘s Coaching style is designed to challenge, it is also supportive and empathetic.

He fully believes in the power of people’s potential and his approach is centred on supporting his clients to achieve their desired goals. He is specifically focused on helping clients to create a shift from a Fixed to a Growth mindset, helping them to build the necessary muscle and agility to navigate their way through this journey.


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