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Achieving your Goal is a click away!

“TEFCAS”​ – A tool for Resilience :-)

Folks, I came across this technique during some study course-work, thought it was worth sharing…

“TEFCAS” – Resilience is something we all crave nowadays as we face challenges in our respective lives & careers!

The ‘TEFCAS’ Success-model for dealing with failure has really served me well over the years and it really can be used by anyone who is looking to stay accountable to a process but will inevitably take lots of knocks along the way!

“TEFCAS” is based on the theory of the young baby learning to walk and not giving up upon first failure! “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again !!”

Anthony Robbins (American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach) used to ask this often in his seminars “How many times would you give you baby the chance to walk? The answer is: Until he succeeds!” Yeah, that’s a crazy question, it’s obvious that you’d give your baby the chance to walk and fall, unlimited times, until he walks! There’s no such thing as quitting. 

Many things that we’ve learned in life were mastered through failures, we weren’t born with those skills eg. riding a bike, playing sports, even walking.


The process is simple:

T – you make the conscious decision to try something

E – the event actually happens

F – you feedback to yourself to see if that event has been a success

C – check to see what worked well first time round and what you need to tweak

A – you actually adjust your process and try it again

S – ultimately you get ‘success’ once you stick at it!

This is a ‘Success Formula’ for anyone looking to build good process & so as not to give up at first sign of failure – this is applicable really for anyone who has a Goal! This technique will help you stay Committed & Accountable to the process!

Failure is actually an integral part of learning and growth. In fact, ‘there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback’.

So whatever process you have followed to date in terms of goal-setting, it might be good for you to check in with how you have previously worked, feedback to yourself and then adjust your process to ensure better results moving forward.

Have a great week ahead 😊!